Learn More About Hyundai's New Three-Year Complimentary Maintenance Program

Adding to its already impressive warranty program, Hyundai is adding an additional three years of free maintenance for its valued drivers across the country. If you drive with Hyundai, then you already know about the brand's exclusive lineup of new vehicles, advanced safety features, performance systems, and the latest technology. So to spice things up a bit, Hyundai wanted to do something noteworthy that extends beyond the sales floor and into your daily life behind the wheel of your Hyundai vehicle.

When it comes to owning your Hyundai, there are many contributing factors that can add or take away from your unique driving experience in Lafayette, IN. To show you how much we truly care, the experts at Hyundai have decided to take initiative and help secure your next three years of service without any additional cost to you. That's right! Starting on February 1, 2020, every new 2020 Hyundai vehicle that gets purchased from Bob Rohrman Hyundai will come with an added 3-year/36,000-mile complementary service offering.

Everything from regularly scheduled maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations to more serious emergency repairs, we’ve got you covered. Here at Bob Rohrman Hyundai, we've got the proper tools and technology to help Lafayette customers get their cherished Hyundai vehicle back in road-ready shape. As part of Hyundai's Assurance Program, we're adding our three-year complimentary maintenance program into the mix to give Lafayette drivers added peace of mind when they find themselves stuck in an unfortunate situation. Broken up into two parts, including Owner Assurance and Shopper Assurance, this newest addition seeks to help elevate your Hyundai ownership experience to the max.

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To learn more about Hyundai's new three-year complimentary maintenance program, we invite drivers to please call, click, or visit us in person today! If you have any questions about financing and wish to learn more about what our warranty covers, we'd be happy to help you answer any of your questions. We look forward to meeting you!
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